Susan Levi

Susan Levi

MD License #677292

Cell: 240-778-4048


Susan Levi primarily serves clients in the Maryland suburbs of Washington, DC as a buyer or seller agent. This includes all of Montgomery County, Upper Prince George's County, Frederick County, and Howard County. She is happy to help renters/landlords as well. She has touched real estate through property management and her own investments in addition to real estate sales. She has experience with Baltimore as an area to invest in. Susan has lived in Montgomery and Prince George's Counties for over three decades after transplanting from Texas, and has raised her family in the Rockville area.

Patience, persistence, and resourcefulness are her most recognized qualities. She is open-minded and culturally sensitive, believing that inclusivity is best for all. Simply put, Susan loves people and connects easily, given the chance. When she is not doing real estate in some form, you can find her in her garden planting and nurturing native plants to support the local pollinators.

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