Mayra Hernandez

Mayra Hernandez

MD License #681992

Cell: 240-618-8644


Mayra earned an Associate’s Degree in Hospitality Administration and Management at Montgomery College. She is an avid learner and multi-tasker.

Mayra is a key member of The Berstein Group as well as an experienced Property Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the real estate industry skilled in negotiations, sales, and rentals. She is passionate about helping her clients obtain their real estate goals. Mayra has a strong service focus, having worked in hospitality and management. She uses great care and diligence in researching market trends, property values, and neighborhoods for her clients, and in preparing the documentation for their needs.

Mayra is committed to ensuring a safe and comfortable environment for residents as well as advocating for the needs of landlords. She is successful at training employees to meet the company's high customer service standards. Mayra is versatile in her efforts to bring a solid blend of people skills with her ability to implement and enforce property rules and regulations. She has excellent organizational and time management skills.






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