Collaboration With Wright Commercial Realty LLC

Wright Commercial Realty LLC works with organizations and businesses as tenant representatives. Senior advisors offer clients decades of experience in real estate, business, contracts, and negotiations. Through careful listening, they learn about the tenant’s experience with leasing real estate and begin the process with needs assessment interviews.

Included Services

  • Provide tenants with education about product types, landlord expectations, market climate, and leasing process
  • Conduct a thorough search of the marketplace
  • Negotiate terms with the landlord/broker
  • Facilitate communication between third-party representatives (e.g., architect, contractor, attorney) and tenant-landlord

Consultation Process

Consultation with the client includes exploration and analysis of the following:

  • Location(s)
  • Product Type
  • Space Size
  • Occupancy Timing
  • Startup & Operational Budget & Financials
  • Length of Lease
  • Business Use & Plan

Property Search & Evaluation

The Wright Commercial Realty LLC process provides experienced tenants a refresher on the market and economic trends, and guides new tenants to gain a thorough education about leasing aspects such as the proposal of terms, lease negotiations, and designing a program from operating, staff, and aesthetic requirements.

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