Linney A. Figueroa (Alisha)

Linney A. Figueroa (Alisha)

MD License #681896

Cell: 717-799-7034


Alisha studied business, marketing, and management at Susquehanna University. She is a property manager and assistant to the president of Next Level Rentals, LLC. As a member of The Berstein Group, she is active in representing investors in property purchases.

Alisha is passionate about marketing and utilizes her skills in marketing analysis to grow her business and the success of her colleagues. She has worked as a restaurant hostess and in garment marketing. While at the university, she assisted athletic training by providing athletes with basic medical care at practices and games. Alisha brings her diversity of experience and education into the service of her real estate clients by actively listening, always learning, and assisting them with strategic decision-making.

Alisha loves animals and often volunteers her time at organizations such as Human League.




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