Wright Brokerage is a full service real estate brokerage firm serving the Baltimore-DC metropolitan area. Our agents apply an evolved perspective and hands-on approach, with customized attention to clients that enhances our offerings and facilitates consistent growth. Wright Brokerage supports buyers, tenants, and owners of real estate by providing informative analysis and developing strategies to help with key decisions. Our local knowledge and experience makes the market accessible, and your investment goals achievable.


Professionally involved in the Washington, DC metropolitan regional real estate market for over two decades, Wright Brokerage is built on sound client-focused practices. We ask the right questions, build relationships, and align ourselves with our clients’ values and desired results. Woman owned and operated from its inception, Wright Brokerage is defined by its unique culture that encourages diversity of thought and a collaborative approach. Our distinctive approach to transactions is guided by insightful understanding of the relationships between people and real estate, creating opportunities for our clients to have new and emboldened experiences.


Wright Brokerage believes real estate should be accessible, and we are committed to helping our clients achieve their goals in residential real estate in a way that is socially conscious, economically sound, and environmentally sustainable.


✓ Listening to our clients and understanding their needs, challenges, and goals

✓ Expanding access to residential real estate by serving investors of diverse backgrounds and cultures

✓ Creating opportunity for investors who are new to real estate

✓ Sustaining a unique culture that encourages diversity of thought and a collaborative approach

✓ Changing the face of the industry by motivating more people to learn about their opportunities in real estate

✓ Supporting new advisors in the industry by promoting a mentorship environment

✓ Operating based on a set of standards of ethics and principles that set us apart


We envision the growth of our brand in the DC metropolitan area and transformation of the DC market with the inclusive, values-driven culture of Wright Brokerage.

Wright Brokerage